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Macedonia ends decades-old dispute with Greece, changes name

The row between Athens and Skopje has been ongoing since 1991, when Macedonia seceded from Yugoslavia and declared its independence. Greece argued that by calling itself Republic of Macedonia the neighboring nation was stating a territorial declare of the Greek northern province, additionally referred to as Macedonia.

As a result of identify dispute, Greece has vetoed all of makes an attempt by Skopje to hitch each the European Union and NATO. The nation was additionally accepted to the UN in 1993 because the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Macedonia’s new identify can be put up for a referendum, to be held in autumn. It additionally must be ratified by each Macedonian and Greek parliaments.

Nonetheless, passing the identify “Northern Macedonia” by way of Greek parliament may end up difficult as most events beforehand rejected any type of compromised on the problem.

“We don’t agree and we gained’t vote for any deal together with the identify ‘Macedonia,’” Panos Kammenos, Greek Protection Minister and head of the rightist Unbiased Greeks get together, stated.

The MPs are backed by the favored opinion as a whole lot of hundreds of Greeks marched in February in protest towards using the world “Macedonia” by the neighboring nation. There have been additionally rallies in Macedonia in spring, demanding the nation’s identify to be left in place.


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